The Comlink Indefinite Hiatus

The Comlink will be on indefinite hiatus until further notice.

The time has come to where time, money, and our other professional and personal lives have caught up with us, and the four of us are, for the moment, unable to maintain production of the show at level of quality we demand, and you expect. The Comlink has been a passion for us to share and spread our love of Star Wars to our audience, as well as take advantage of the unique positions we are in to be able to bring you content like this. We hope you have enjoyed our work to bring you a show that could compete with any other large website/network show.

However… all hope is not yet lost. Hard to see the future is. We still have unreleased content, such as more from Gus Lopez, and especially a big interview from someone that you have never seen, or will see elsewhere. Perhaps soon we will find a way to bring The Comlink back to you.

Until then, enjoy all the content here and keep sharing with your friends and on social media. There’s a lot here to still enjoy, or enjoy again.

Until the next episode… MTFBWY.
J.C., David, Amy, and Ruark

The Comlink Indefinite Hiatus

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