Anthony Daniels Extended Interview – Comlink Conversations

In this extended interview from the EMP Museum in Seattle Anthony Daniels talks in even greater detail with David about the following subjects:

  • A behind-the-scenes story regarding the comlink prop in A New Hope
  • R2-D2 on the set of The Force Awakens
  • The costumes of the Star Wars saga at the “Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars and the Power of Costume”  exhibit now at the EMP Museum in Seattle, WA.
  • Wearing C-3PO
  • His George Lucas impression
  • The Challenges of playing C-3PO
  • Playing a beloved character for over 40 years
  • His passion and appreciation for the Star Wars fans
  • Staying in shape to fit in the C-3PO costume
  • Prequel era 3PO and its differences from the classic trilogy 3PO
  • The staying power of Star Wars
  • C-3PO deleted scene from Episode 2
  • C-3PO spin off movie
  • Clarifies his international news-making Twitter comments
  • The practical effects of Episode 7
  • Harrison Ford as Han Solo in The Force Awakens
  • Finale of Star Wars in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl with John Williams
  • Reverence for George Lucas and the Fans of the movies

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