The Comlink will return from its Winter hiatus soon with a number of exciting changes:

  • We are moving to our own YouTube channel.  All the old content will be copied over to the new channel.
  • The weekly show will be no more – but will split up and posted by individual segment throughout the week.
  • Comlink News will be expanded to contain more stories and commentary.
  • We are excited to announce our newest show:  A Certain Point of View – a Star Wars topic debate show, hosted by James Arnold Taylor with special guest debaters.
  • Our new schedule will be:
    • MondaysA Certain Point of View
    • Wednesdays – A Comlink Transmission – an interview, unboxing, or special event coverage for example.  Transmissions will fall into one of the following categories:
      • Comlink Conversations (and Extended versions) – interviews in-studio with Special Guests.
      • Comlink Bursts – coverage of special events, reporting on-location, or other interest stories.
      • Comlink Collections – coverage of collections of toys, props, costumes, and artwork, such as visits Rancho Obi-Wan.
      • Comlink Creations – coverage of prop making, cosplay and costuming, crafting, creating art, etc.
    • FridaysComlink News – the anchor show of the channel will return expanded as noted above.
    • Simple Tricks & Nonsense – additional content that does not fit into the categories above and is released intermittently around the other weekly scheduled content.  For example,
      • Comlink Unboxings – opening and discovering new Star Wars toys, games, collectibles, and other products.
  • Our new website will be your one stop for all The Comlink content – with all videos organized by category and embedded on the site; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds; as well as blog updates from the Team behind the show.

The Comlink Will Return Soon

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