Sam Witwer Extended Interview – Comlink Conversations

Sam and David get in depth about a number of Star Wars and other sci-fi and fantasy topics in this thorough in depth interview.

Sam discusses:
-His massive Star Wars fandom
-The fear of playing an icon in the Star Wars universe
-In depth about Darth Maul’s Clone Wars arc and his approach to it
-Voice acting & Maul’s backstory
-Dave Filoni as a storyteller
-How to introduce a child to Star Wars.
-What order to show adults who haven’t seen Star Wars
-The revelations after the experiment of showing a 30 year old Star Wars for the first time
-Sam’s thoughts on the changes in the Special Editions… Good and Bad
-The Star Wars Blu Ray’s hidden gems
-The evolution of changes in Star Wars video releases and what constitutes the original theatrical version
-Episode 7 design aesthetics and why it’s important to advance the look for the new movies
-Harrison ford’s toughness
-Indiana jones and Temple of doom
-How people’s opinions will shape their perception of Episode 7
-Prequel haters: Right and Wrong
-Approaching Episode 7 with the right mindset

Originally published October 31, 2014 on SeeSmod as part of The Comlink Episode 104.


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